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“If you want to own your career and future, this book is for you.”

REINVENT 4.0 - Your keys to unlock success and thrive in uncertainty paperback -10 november 2022

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REINVENT 4.0 is a must-read for anyone who wants to be in the driver seat of their career and future. This book brings insights from years of corporate experience and more than 250 clients I have coached.

Excerpt from the book “Technology doesn’t get to decide the future, you do. To ensure that your life stays on the trajectory of increasing success (as defined by you), your goal is to become a master of change rather than a victim of change.”

Get the book now and be in the driver seat of your career and future. 


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About the author

Adeline Tiah is an accomplished marketer with more than 20 years’ experience across top banks, telco and startups.  She is passionate about building brands and high-performance teams. A certified practitioner in human-centred design thinking, she facilitates design thinking workshops at work and in universities. She is currently an adjunct lecturer at a local university, teaching the module on digital and social media marketing. Adeline also partners with startups to help them identify strategic blind spots, create their value propositions and develop their go-to-market strategies.

She is also an International Coaching Federation-certified executive coach with more than 250 hours of coaching experience. Adeline exemplifies the reinvent mindset – always keeping abreast of emerging trends, finding opportunities for growth, and building her network and multi-disciplinary skills. She constantly renews and reinvents to stay agile and antifragile in the face of disruptions. 

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