I Lost My Drive….Then A Career Break Taught Me 3 Valuable Lessons.

I have never known myself to take risks. After working for close to two decades and being a highly driven corporate warrior, I kept asking what’s next? Surely there is more to career success. In this VUCA world, everything around us was being disrupted. With a leap of faith and courage, I decided to disrupt […]

How I made the most of my sabbatical after I quit my high flying job.

Recently, I made a very courageous move. I decided to take a career break. After achieving a level of career success and at different roles, I asked what’s next? I needed to reflect and redefine success. Being successful itself was not enough. How do I take my success to significance? The to-do list for my sabbatical break had unconsciously built […]

Really? We Could Be Getting It Wrong.

These days we rely on data to help us make decisions either predictive analytics or diagnostic analytics. Either way, you need collective intelligence from both humans and AI. As the saying goes, “without data, you’re just another person with an opinion, without an opinion, you’re just another person with data” AI provides very objective insights. […]

Startup Marketing – Why You Can’t Fake It Till You Make it

Traditional, pre-planned go-to-market strategies are no longer effective because consumer behaviours and expectations have changed. People are now less trusting of top down advertising, instead word of mouth becomes the most effective marketing channels. Marketing as always is constantly evolving. The approach to marketing has also changed. Working for a startup has also changed my […]

One Year In A Fintech…. My Journey & Lessons Learned

When I took a career break 3 years ago, I had a startup career at the back of my mind while practising as a professional coach. So I was thrilled, when offered a role at a fintech last year. I was ready for a refreshing change, having worked with traditional banks for the last 10 […]

4 Red Flags That Your Startup Is A Sinking Ship

Product Market Fit is fundamental for any businesses. There needs to be a customer need or problem to solve so that your business exists to provide a solution that people will buy. There must also be sufficient market demand (total addressable market) to monetize your business. After all businesses need to be profitable to fuel […]

Why Pressing The Refresh Button Is Good For Your Career Success

One of the questions I often get asked by clients (job seekers) as well as recruiters is how do you explain your career break? You would have missed out on that latest trends in the industry by taking a career break. Not necessarily. By making the most of your career break, you can actually be […]

#MoneyTalks – 3 Things That Drive Your Money Mindset

Money is not the root of all evil, but the love of money is. Like it or not, money buys you time and options. And I don’t mean luxuries. Imagine you have food poisoning, the public hospitals are all crowded and you need immediate attention, you can choose to go a private hospital which has […]

What is Agile Leadership? And Why It Matters In Organisation Transformation

What are the definitive traits of agile leaders? Recently I attended an Agile Leadership Workshop certified by SCRUM ALLIANCE, to update myself on the new way of working and thinking as organisations and many industries are going through transformation. One key takeaway I have is Agile Leaders are both enablers and disruptors. As an enabler, […]