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The FUTURE is Here!

Reimagine, Refresh and REINVENT.

Hello, I am Adeline.

I am passionate about building brands and high performance teams.
Over the last 20 years, I have earned my stripes in marketing across different industries from retail, tech, banking and more recently in fintech/startup. Along the way I got myself certified as a Leadership coach and a Human Centred Design Practitioner.
I also had a wonderful adventure in several digital and brand transformational journeys in the organisations I have worked for.  Through international brands such as HSBC, Standard Chartered and UOB, I have gained many valuable lessons on organizational culture and how companies are run.
As a corporate executive and a certified executive coach, I have worked with many people and uncover common themes of people who seem to thrive regardless of what life throws at them.
This led me to write my book – REINVENT 4.0. A collection of stories and life lessons from my career journey and those of the clients I coached. This book is dedicated to anyone who wants to be in the driver seat of his career and life.